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Best Tablets for Watching Movies

Touch screen tablets have become increasingly more popular each year as their prices have gone down and their features/speed have gone up.  Demand for tablets especially grew after the amazingly successful Apple iPad came out (and the subsequent iPad 2).   Tablets come in many shapes and sizes and have prices that start at the sub-$200 range.  If you’ve been looking for a portable entertainment device capable of playing movies, tablets can be a great choice.

However, before going further, it’s important to point out one flaw in these versatile devices:  they don’t have DVD drives.  If you were planning on watching movies on a tablet but only have DVDs to use, you’re going to need to convert those DVDs into playable movie files (like a .AVI) and then put the movies on a SD card or flash drive to then use on the tablet.  Fortunately many newer movies come with a “digital copy” of the movie with the DVD/Blu-ray package you buy so you don’t have to go through the sometimes annoying conversion process.

If your tablet has Android 2.2 and above and built-in wifi or 3G+ wireless connectivity, you can take advantage of websites that offer streaming of video.  One of the popular streaming sites you can watch with a tablet with full flash support is Hulu.

Important resources for getting started watching movies on tablets (including information about conversion of video):

Anyways, let’s get to our list of the best tablets for watching movies:

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The Superpad 10.2″ tablet is one of the cheapest tablets you can find and would perform admirably when it comes to watching movies.  For less than $200, it is a steal of deal and has many features that you would find in tablets priced $400 or more!  It has 2 USB ports and 2 MicroSD slots which allow you to store tons of movies on your tablet.  With over 64 GB of memory, you can store almost 100 DVDs on this tablet (assuming you bought two 32 GB MicroSD cards).  This tablet has Android 2.1.

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Enter this 10″ Asus tablet.  With Android 3.0 and the new NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU, this tablet is fast and is not only great for watching movies, but can play all the latest 3D games available on Android (along with all the other tasks you may want to do on a tablet).   It has built-in 16 GB or 32 GB memory and supports 1 additional SD card for up to 32 GB extra memory.  This tablet is more equipped for watching high-definition video so if you’re planning on watching 1080p content, this tablet is your best pick.

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Want more memory than what the ASUS tablet has to offer?  Get the Acer Iconia Tab which has both a MicroSD slot and a USB slot which can give over 80 GB of storage (plus the added convenience of USB which allows you to quickly swap out drives).   This tablet also has a high resolution 10″ 1280 x 800 screen which makes it great for watching high-definition content just like the ASUS tablet.  This tablet comes highly recommended.

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The ViewSonic tablet is the first on this list that has built-in 3G connectivity which allows you to access the internet where there isn’t wifi available.  However, to use 3G you’ll need to have a subscription from one of the major cell phone carriers.  This tablet has a smaller 7″ screen which makes it more portable compared to the other reviewed 10″ tablets.  Overall this tablet is a great alternative to the 10″ tablets listed thus far and with 3G, makes it an awesome choice.

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Another ASUS, this tablet skips from Android and gives you the power of the Windows 7 platform in the palms of your hands.  With a larger 12.1″ screen, fast processor, and 64 GB solid state drive, this tablet is simply awesome and allows you to do everything you can do with your desktop PC and more!   With the Windows 7 platform you have many more movie watching options than with Android.  From watching movies on Netflix, Amazon On Demand, and Hulu Plus (and many more) you will never fall short in your selection of movies to watch.  However all these awesome features come at a price, but with what you get… it’s worth it.

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Last but not least, we have the Apple iPad 2.  Along with the ASUS Windows tablet, the iPad will feature the most versatility when it comes to watching movies.  Unlike the Android tablets, this tablet let’s you watch Netflix movies through the app you can download from the App store.  With wifi and 3G models to choose from, you are certain to find the iPad that fits what you need.   One disadvantage of the iPad when compared to the ASUS is that it doesn’t have external storage ports, which can be VERY inconvenient if you are planning to watch movies from external storage.  However, this doesn’t break the deal with this tablet and is a very nice choice for people who can afford it.

Best Tablet to Watch Movies

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

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Overall, if you are looking for a tablet for watching movies, my choice would be between the two ASUS tablets.  The Android 3.0 ASUS tablet has tons of great features, a large HD screen, and is very affordable.  If you have the money, the Windows ASUS tablet is the better choice because of its added versatility and unlimited potential for the movies you can watch plus the full power of a desktop wherever you go which makes it great for people needed a tablet for business or school.   And as always, pick the tablet you can afford and you think is the best for you.


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